g3 Interviews: Lindsay from B*Witched

Bwitched Lindsay smallB*Witched are back in the spotlight with a brand new EP and a more sophisticated look. No longer in double denim and now sharing singing duties, g3 talks to Lindsay about the reunion tour, playing pranks, Champagne and Guinness.

G3: B*Witched are back in the spotlight. What made you decide to get back together?

Lindsay: It was when we were approached by ITV about the concept of the reunion tour and documentary. We umm’d and aah’d about it, but then thought that if we were going to get back together, it was going to be now or never.

Kate Bush breaks record

Kate BushIf her live comeback was not enough, selling out all 22 dates within fifteen minutes, Kate Bush has become the first female ever to have 8 albums in the Official Albums Chart at the same time. Two are in the top ten with The Whole Story is at number six and Hounds of Love at number nine.

This isn't the first record the Cloudbusting singer has claimed. Back in 1978, she became the first female in history to hit the number one spot with a self-written song, Wuthering Heights. The song stayed at number 1 for four weeks.

Grimes video for Go

Grimes-Go-608x608I've been raving about this track since the first time I watched a terrible recording from one of her concerts, filmed in June this year, on Youtube. I then scoured the net for a better version - which took some time.

Iggy Azalea: Black Widow Video

Iggy Black WidowIs Iggy Azalea a movie buff? We've seen her homage to Clueless and now ‘Black Widow feat. Rita Ora’ sees both lades dress in tight leather cat suits for a nod to Kill Bill. Iggy and international Brit pop-rap star, Rita, teamed up with Director X to create a Tarantino-esque video, capturing the essence of iconic action/thriller ‘Kill Bill’. It even has Michael Masden in it!

Make a note of August 24th which will see Iggy and Rita take the stage together for an Exclusive TV performance of ‘Black Widow’ at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles. These performances are always news

Taylor Swift new single

taylor-swiftIn a move that will please quite a few people Taylor Swift has moved from her country origins into a full pop number for  new album 1989 (the year of her birth). The 24 year old is 'shaking off' her old image and not caring that 'the haters' gonna hate, hate, hate...'

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