Free wedding insurance for gay police officers engaged at Pride in London


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Two police officers who became engaged in front of thousands of onlookers at last weekend’s Pride in London parade have been presented with free wedding insurance by LGBT specialist insurance provider, Emerald Life.
When PC Sam Philpot proposed to PC Martin Coughlan during Pride in London, it was a special moment shared by thousands of people across London and across the LGBT community. The wedding cover offered by Emerald will help ensure their big day goes as smoothly as possible.
Emerald Life, the new full-service insurer for the LGBT community, celebrates the plans and milestones of real people from the community. This applies both to the real people that feature in Emerald’s advertising campaigns and the community role models that the insurer supports.
Steve Wardlaw, Chairman of Emerald Life, spotted the image and reached out to the officers, offering them the complimentary wedding insurance ahead of their big day.
Wardlaw said, “PC Philpot and PC Coughlan both serve our capital in their duties as police officers. They keep us safe. On top of this, they provided the community so much happiness by sharing their special moment with the world on Saturday during the parade. I couldn’t not reach out to them and offer this simple gesture.”
PC Coughlan said,“The proposal was totally unexpected. The rest of the Police contingent marching at pride was in on it though and all briefed in advance. My mum and my best friend Adam both turned up and I thought I was just meeting them for a photo halfway down the parade, little did I know.”
Coughlan continues, “We haven't started planning anything yet as both have been pretty much working flat out since. A massive surprise was how viral the news has gone with the BBC writing an article and partaking in an I review for Made in TV. I guess after the Orlando tragedy the community could do with a positive distraction. Pride this year was a more somber occasion of reflection on how far we still have to go.”
Emerald Life launched in March 2016 and offers life, home & contents, pet and wedding insurance with travel coming soon, all designed and tailored for the LGBT community. Recent research by Emerald, conducted by YouGov, discovered that LGBT people were almost twice as likely not to hold any form of general insurance, despite them being more likely to be planning lifestyle milestones that require cover, such as buying a new home or going on a big holiday. The increase in LGBT people getting married or becoming parents is also an evolution that Emerald welcomes and supports as it tailors services to the hopes and aspirations that reflect a truly diverse society.

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