FILM: The closing night of the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

magarita film festivalThe 27th London gay and lesbian Film Festival closed its doors for another year last night with some beautiful imagery and heart-warming stories.

The festival has been running for ten days showing some of the best LGBT films around carefully selected by the wonderful team of programmers. Some of the key themes across this year’s festival were the history of the AIDS crisis and in films such as the Oscar-nominated How to Survive a Plague and shows the importance of older people’s place in the community. Documentaries were noted as being very popular this year.

The festival’s Closing Night film was a funny Canadian drama called Margarita and g3 went along to the screening. There was much praise for the film especially for the fact it didn’t have a coming out story as its main focus; the lesbian storyline just slotted in nicely. The main part was written for the actress Nicola Correia-Damude who played the title name alongside Christine Horne.

The film focuses on a young Mexican nanny who works illegally for a family who adore her but can’t afford to keep paying her. She looks after the stroppy teenage daughter and runs the house while the husband and wife try to sort out their financial trouble as well as the issues in their marriage. What’s even more astonishing is that she manages to do all that while having a passionate relationship with a gorgeous young lawyer, a lot of which is celebrated in a hot tub.

magarite girls

You can’t help but fall in love with the adorable couple, the amazing acting and the very funny one liners. The directors Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert took questions after the film and said what a pleasure it was to show their work to an audience who enjoyed it so much. Margarita was picked up for distribution and will be available on DVD for you ladies wanting to see it. And for a bit of gossip, the main actresses are now dating in actual real life.

There was an after party at the weird and wonderful club Opal after the showing and with champagne galore, was a chance to meet the programmers and even some of the actors. It was a great film and a great party to end to what’s been a great festival. 2014 has a lot of work to do to beat this one.

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