DVD Release: Concussion

Concussion-3DConcussion is one of the best lesbian films I've seen in some years. It's the story of a bored house wife who get's whacked on the head from a baseball and the blow gives her more than she was expecting.

Besides the pain and anger she directs at her kid for his shot to her head, Abby has an awakening and realises that she wants more. Her current existance of school runs, gym classes and dull discussions with the other 'moms' at coffee shops is not enough, and her partner is sexually disinterested.

concussion-4So Abby restarts her life, and her career of renovating apartments and then selling them on. On buying a new project, or 'shithole' as her contractor Justin calls it, the place doubles up for her Belle De Jour meetings with clients. Her sexual awakening, after a daliance with a female prostitute, reaches greater heights as she becomes a high class sex worker; for women looking for a more mature experience.

What's refreshing about Concussion is the way it depicts lesbians in relationships -  it's normal. There are other couples at the dinner parties who just accept a lesbian relationship as a given. They too have the same feelings of happiness, heartache, boredom and frustration. The way Abby channels her sexual frustration into spin classes and interior decoration is something even a straight woman can empathise with.

Concussion-2013-5The storyline has had many an outing before - married couple, busy with work and raising children, lose the passion and start taking each other for granted. But what really works here is that the sex scenes are actually sexy, or sweet like the college student who has never been kissed. They're also believeable with the taking things slow, or being fast and passionate. You also aren't sure what's going to happen next: Does the wife suspect? Will her secret life be uncovered by any of the soccer moms?

Robin Weigert, who plays Abby, gives a compelling performance of a woman who doesn't know why she's doing what she does. She's a mystery to herself. This lifts the film to great heights. Although the storyline dips a little toward the end, there's so much that's great about it and in the world of lesbian films, it will be in many a top ten list for years to come.



Concussion is out on DVD from 8th September

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