g3 Interviews: Lindsay from B*Witched

Bwitched Lindsay smallB*Witched are back in the spotlight with a brand new EP and a more sophisticated look. No longer in double denim and now sharing singing duties, g3 talks to Lindsay about the reunion tour, playing pranks, Champagne and Guinness.

G3: B*Witched are back in the spotlight. What made you decide to get back together?

Lindsay: It was when we were approached by ITV about the concept of the reunion tour and documentary. We umm’d and aah’d about it, but then thought that if we were going to get back together, it was going to be now or never.

G3: And how was it, touring with six other bands?

L: We all worked well together and got on very easily. We got on particularly well with the Blue boys, they’re really funny and also one of the most professional and slick bands around. They also have a lot of respect for each other that’s really nice to see. So yes we had fun with all the bands on a tour bus together, every day, arriving at the venue, performing, back on the tour bus… there was lots of banter and pranks.

G3: Who were the biggest pranksters?

L: We were! One time we played a prank on Blue. We went into their dressing room when they were onstage and turned everything upside down - shoes, tables, chairs, computers… then left a note saying “the upside down man was here.” Then we hid and waited for them to go back in after their performance and all we heard was “What the… bleep bleep, bleep!” They got us back by hiding our stage shoes and in-ear monitors and let us sweat until five minutes before stage time to tell us they had them. That wasn’t funny at the time. In ear monitors are really important, so you can hear yourself onstage, and one time when the Blue boys were on, we switched Anthony’s monitor to hear us on the mic backstage. All the others could hear themselves apart from Anthony who could only hear us quoting lines from The Commitments. We know he knew the film really well, so he was laughing onstage and no one else knew why.

G3: What was the highlight of the tour?

L: Gosh the whole thing was a highlight. We sold out an arena tour, but I have to say playing the O2 was the highlight of highlights because the O2 wasn’t around when we were first around, so it was brilliant. It was amazing to see a sea of faces. It’s such a massive venue and the biggest we played. It was breathtaking.

G3: That was in 2013. What happened after that?

L: We did two Big Reunion tours after that and then we decided that we wanted to stay together. Then we thought… is that it? So then we asked ourselves: Did we want to do more material? So we thought that we would give it a go.

G3: How did the recording of the new material come about and what’s been the most fun?

L: The creative process really. Touring is always great fun. Then there’s the promotional aspect: The TV shows, appearances… For me it was being back in the studio, and the process of letting an idea grow into a song, and then to make it on to the EP: That’s a very rewarding feeling. Bwitched-2

G3: When did you start writing and how did the decision to share lead vocals happen?

L: It was back in the New Year when we got into the studio we did a lot more writing this time. When we write, we write together and that’s one of the things we have always done; sometimes twos, threes, depending on who’s available. Writing is our passion…

And us sharing the vocals? I think before it sounded unbalanced. We were a band that could all sing - which isn’t always the case. I think that this time around, for me anyway, if I was going to get back into this, and be a part of the band, those things needed to be addressed. We all agreed that this was the way to do it moving forward. It adds variety and I think it worked out for the best.

G3: What happened all those years ago? You were selling millions of records then suddenly you were dropped!

It was a shock and to be honest. It shouldn’t have happened - a band selling that many records at the time – it wouldn’t have happened today. There were changes going on in the record label. A new MD. Our MD left and this new one wanted to change the label to more ‘playing’ bands and he made the decision. It was a shock as we were about to release our third album. I remember I was waiting for a call about a flight to Africa and when my manager said it wasn't going to go ahead and I was like: With the single? The video? Then my manager said the album! I couldn’t believe it. It had been my life for the previous four years. I didn’t really know who I was outside of that, I guess, so I had to go find out. I don’t think it was a smart move on his part but that’s me being biased.

G3: Adele has just gone into the Big Brother house. How do you feel about that?

L: Oh gosh! It’s very exciting. I was down there on the Monday to wave her in and I was quite nervous as well. It’s quite a daunting thing not knowing what to expect. Fair play to her for going in. I think she’s got all the right qualities to do it. She’s always one to speak up for herself or on someone else’s behalf. She’s very honest. She’s also in it for fun. The enjoyment of it. She’ll throw herself into the tasks and I’m looking forward to how it all unfolds.

G3: So you’re cheering her on then?
L: Definitely! I’ll be watching every night.

G3: Will you be there when she comes out?

L: I hope to be there when she comes out – but I hope she stays in ‘til the final and then I’ll definitely be there!

G3: Now that you are back, are we seeing a change of direction?

L: We thought about this in the studio but we still wanted to keep our sound. Champagne and Guinness is an up to date version of B*Witched

G3: How did the title come about?

L: The song itself is about having a really great, girlie, night but the dilemma of the night is what to have? It’s a party song basically.

G3: And is there an album coming out?

L: That depends if the EP is received well - then we are we are more than happy to go into the studio to record an album. It’s definitely an option.

G3: So what are your plans for now? Are you planning a tour?

L: We do have some live shows coming up before Christmas and we’re discussing a tour for next year. Nothing is set in stone but it would be awesome. We’re just going to enjoy doing our shows and playing our new material to people. It’ll be great.

G3: So no Prides?

L: Yeah I know! I don’t know how that happened! I need to get on to my manager and the booking agent; I don’t think we have done any in the past? Gosh, sometimes I don’t remember what town I’m in… it’s possible. Last year we did GAY and we’ve done that a few times. We would love to do it again.

G3: You’re famed for your double denim, is that coming back too?

L: Now look! I have to say there was something good about the denim back then – everyone knew our look - and it was easy to get ready in the morning. There was never any panic about what to wear; there was no added pressure back then. I would say that now we are definitely enjoying more fashion freedom with our costumes and stage gear for shoots. We are definitely trying out new styles, and we are that bit older, so I don’t know if double denim would be quite apt.Bewitched  B Witch 1689484a

G3: Let’s talk about the live shows again. What’s been the reaction from the crowds to you being back as a group performing?

L: It has to be Cest La Vie. That’s the one everyone goes crazy at. Especially the bit when we do our Irish dancing in the middle. Then there’s Blame It On The Weatherman because it’s just lovely to hear people singing your song back to you. They’ve got the biggest reaction on our tours. Now, with the new shows, we incorporate new singles The Stars Are Ours, Love And Money and both new songs from the EP. They’re being received really well. We would love to go touring again. If it were up to me we would tour and tour and tour. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that it keeps going as well as it has been, for the moment we’re just seeing how it goes.


The new single, ‘The Stars Are Ours’ is out on 21 September

The EP, ‘Champagne and Guinness’ is released on 28 September

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