Grimes video for Go

Grimes-Go-608x608I've been raving about this track since the first time I watched a terrible recording from one of her concerts, filmed in June this year, on Youtube. I then scoured the net for a better version - which took some time.

I eventually found it as a giveaway track on Grimes' Soundcloud which made me happy. Some say I'm easily pleased but I really love this track from the princess of dream pop. This video is a sci-fi homage to Dante's Inferno. It even has David Hayter (screenwriter for early X-Men movies) reading the opening lines of the Inferno.

Claire said herself that they shot a bunch of scenes at the salton sea in California, "which is basically an apocalyptic wasteland filled with dead fish because of human carelessness, the bullet hole hallway a la korn freak on a leash etc etc. If you look closely you can find clues." She continues "Haha, but in the usual fashion it is also abstract enough to just be a trippy visual accompaniment to the song."

I'll agree with all of the above.

by Sandra D


Grimes single "Go", featuring Blood Diamonds, is released on 4AD and can be bought on iTunes





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