Is Perkins too smutty?

GREAT-BRITISH-BAKE-OFF-011The BBC has received complaints against Sue Perkins' innuendos on the TV Series The Great British Bake Off. The popular show that has risen up the ratings charts and got people up and down the country back into the kitchen, seems to have caused others to rant and rage.


GayStarNews reported that "Shirley Fooks, one of the show's viewers, said: They get smuttier and smuttier, and it is totally unecessary".

As Mel and Sue joke their way through the episodes their jokes would more than likely end up on Twitter under #InnuendoOfTheDay it isn't just them. We at g3 want to know why has Sue been singled out when Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood and the contestants are joining in too. Here's some of our favourites:

"Keep an eye on your jugs." Mel starts season 4.

"The terror of a soggy bottom has been keeping me up all night" Kimberley in Season 4 - but let's not limit the sogginess to one season. They didn't.

“I’m ganaching my buns.” From the Bake Off's oldest-ever contestant, 69-year-old Diana. Needs no explanation.

"Oh no, you have some irregular-shaped balls" A classic from Mary Berry.

"Get those lady’s fingers soggy!" Sue gets a trifle dirty.

"There it is looking perfectly stiff." Mary talks eggs to Paul.

"It's got to be risen and rested before it goes in". Paul talking about meat.

"It feels pretty brilliant to come first." Season one, episode two winner.

"“Grab and twist, then flap and toss”. Paul

“There’s a lot of moisture in there. That’s why it wets the finger.” Paul again.


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