New MTV Series 'Faking It'

Faking it

It’s time to go back to school! MTV takes us back to the dog eat dog world of friends, foes and first kisses, for their brand new romantic comedy series, Faking It.

Fed up of being invisible, teenagers Karma (Katie Stevens) and Amy (Rita Volk) are ready to make a change.

After years of not fitting in, the girls think they’ve finally made it when they are invited to a party by the super- popular Shane Harvey (Michael Willett). However, when Shane mistakenly outs the best friends as the school’s first lesbian couple and starts a campaign to have them voted Prom Queens, it seems that their dream of being noticed has come true. The only problems are, they are not together and are not lesbians!

Despite Amy’s doubts, Karma persuades her to see how things play out as they begin a very public lesbian relationship. As their popularity continues to soar, Karma attracts the attentions of sexy mysterious art student, Liam Booker (Gregg Sulkin) as well as Queen Bee, Lauren Cooper (Bailey Butain) who is determined to prove the girls are lying and name herself prom queen. Will Karma and Amy be able to keep up the white lie or will it all backfire?

Meanwhile, Amy starts to realise that she might not be ‘faking it’ after all and tries to come to terms with her feelings towards Karma. Can friends pretending to be lovers stay friends? Or will things start to get too complicated?

The story of one big lie and two friends who love each other in very different ways, sounds like it could actually work. Watch the pilot for free using the link below and let us know what you think:

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