INTERVIEW: Kiki Archer, lesbian chick lit author

G3_2g3 sat down for a quick Q&A with lesbian chick lit author, Kiki Archer.


g3: Who do your books appeal to?

Kiki: Anyone who likes chick lit and anyone who likes lesbians ... I guess that covers most women and an awful lot of men. I write books that I would like to read, with strong, determined women, who enjoy other women. My novels are modern, funny and touching in many ways.

g3: In what way are they touching?

Kiki: Well my debut novel, “But She Is My Student,” deals with the heartache of coming out, coming to terms with your sexuality and inevitably falling in love with the most unattainable woman. The book does have a happy ending though.

g3: So there is a serious element to your novels then?

Kiki: Yes, it was also really important for me to focus on some key issues that we are currently facing. I honestly believe that visibility is the key to reducing prejudice and homophobia. People need to be brave and come out. The main character in my novels is a teacher who is ‘out’ at school and I think all gay people need to stand up and be proud of who they are, no matter their profession. I use a lot of social networking to encourage a message of empowerment and strength. Lesbians are out there, they just need to be more visible. Hence why all of the big characters, in my predominantly chick lit novel, are lesbian.

g3: So is social networking a good way to promote your books?

Kiki: Yes. Being an indie author it can be difficult to get noticed. There was a huge discussion in June about the severe lack of new lesbian writers... At the time I had been at the top of the Amazon lesbian fiction chart for three months, and Clare Ashton and Toni James, who are also indie authors, were in the top five. We were all screaming, “We’re here! We’re doing it for ourselves! ... And rather successfully!” The world of publishing has changed, especially in our genre. For the first time women are able to use their kindles to chose books they would not usually walk into a bookshop and purchase. They are looking at the lesbian fiction chart, seeing us there, enjoying our books and coming back for more.

g3: So are your novels still available in paperback?

Kiki: Yes, my paperbacks are available to order from all regular retail channels like Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and noble, etc, and they can also be ordered for collection in bookstores worldwide.

g3: That’s great Kiki. Thanks for your time and we wish you the best of luck!


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