Lesbian singers reach number 11

l-projectIt Does Get Better has reached number 11 in the independent singles chart this week. The charity hit was recorded by a group of lesbian singers and band members in an attempt raise money to battle homophobia in schools. The L Project has held it's number one position on the Amazon charts for seven days and the video on Youtube have reached 86,000 hits in the first week, and is now in excess of the 100k mark.

You can make a difference, and instead of having to just donate, you can buy music. All sales money will go towards charities like Diversity Roles Models and Stonewall, both chairies go into schools and educate kids on LGBT issues.

Gay bullying is a massive problem in schools and too many of them have taken their own lives. Diversity Roles Models have already made a massive difference however funding is limiting.

To help support this project, which has gained success through word of mouth and community support rather than radio airplay and media hype, check their facebook page (www.facebook.com/TheLProject) or buy the song.


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