Sophie Ward Wows In Return To The Stage

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Gabriel Vick as Richard Newton-Clare and Sophie Ward as Naomi Jacklin

It’s been one hundred years since the First World War; eighty years since Flowers of the Forest was written, seventy-odd years since it was last performed, and yet, the anti-war themes explored within remain more relevant today than I’m sure playwright, John Van Druten, would have hoped.

Sophie Ward leads the cast as Naomi Jacklin, who lives a rich, bourgeois lifestyle with her husband, Lewis, in their London home. It isn’t until her life is usurped by the arrival of her disapproving sister Mercia after the death of their father, that Naomi is thrown back into memories of a past she had long been forced to forget. Exploring anti-war themes through thoughtful, emotional dialogue, laced with humour and a surprising burst of the supernatural, the production has an almost prophetic feel to it as we contemplate the threat of another impending war with the Middle East. 

Anthony Biggs' vision of Flowers of the Forest comes to life in a dynamic set which is smoothly transitioned from one scene to the next by a talented cast of 11 in the perfectly intimate space of the Jermyn St Theatre, a space known for reviving long-forgotten plays. 

A haunting production which demands to be seen and deserves a sell-out run.

23 September to 18 October
Tuesday to Saturday 7.30pm, Saturday/Sunday matinees 3.30pm

CAST: Sophie Ward, Patrick Drury, Daniel Fine, Gareth McLeod, Debra Penny, Victoria Rigby,
Mark Straker, Alwyne Taylor, Gabriel Vick, Max Wilson and Jennie Goossens.

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