Making A Difference: Mei Wilshire

11084261 1381873578805626 7233099119792855731 nI'm the producer of HLGBT Performing Arts in York. I manage the performances which include theatre, art installations and events. The productions are LGBT based but we also work with others within wider society to make it more inclusive.


I set it up because I felt there was a need for LGBT productions with in York, and it has been very successful with the artists that we have worked with.  

HLGBT is committed to pushing the boundaries of contemporary performing arts by organising regular performances to showcase the very best talent around. New and experimental performance art in York. The performances are for everyone and are designed to introduce you to new forms of art. We produced the very first Anne Lister play in 2015 as part of the LGBT History Month on behalf of York St John University. 
I think what makes HLGBT stand out as a production company is that we work with so many diverse groups and individuals it has a very receptive approach to the performing arts.

Outside of HLGBT I produce a couple of other lesbian projects, such as the York Lesbian Arts Festival. I would be really interested in talking to women who would like to be involved in these productions.


If you're interested in being involved, you can contact Mei at the HLGBT York Performing Arts blog

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