Pride in London love-bombs London

PrideinLondonPride in London Volunteers to love-bomb Soho today! Fundraising and volunteer recruitment will take place across Soho from 7-11pm tonight, Thursday 28 March.


Hot on the heels of the news that UK Black Pride is joining forces with Pride in London, they’ve announced a night of love-bombing the beautiful people of Soho.


London LGBT+ Community Pride, the organisers of Pride in London will be raising funds and signing up volunteers as part of effort to make sure that the Pride in London Festival 2013 can be a great success.


Michael Salter, Chair of London LGBT+ Community Pride said: “We need to recruit over a thousand volunteers and hundreds of thousands of pounds to deliver a great Pride. An amazing, community-driven event needs the support of the LGBT+ community. So get involved in whatever way you can, be that volunteering, donating a small amount, introducing us to potential sponsors, taking part in the Parade or organising an event as part of the Festival. We are hugely grateful to all the bars and businesses who are supporting our love-bombing event and also running their own fundraising for us over the Easter weekend.”


Volunteers can sign up through the Pride website: where there is more information about other ways to get involved.


A short film of their first love-bombing event on 1 March is below.



For the latest information from London LGBT+ Community Pride follow them at: , on Twitter @LondonLGBTPride or at 

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