MUSIC: Kenelis EP Launch

KenelisKenelis rock, hard.

The girl fronted band from Brighton have been around for a while. This year front-woman Mel Sanson has teamed up with some top-notch local Brightonian musicians to create their EP "Move", released on December 10.
With distinct throw-backs to the riot-grrrl era, Kenelis ain’t messing around. Their brand of no-nonsense, up-front and in-your-face grunge and punk rock may not to be everyone's
tastes: "It’s been taken too far, fuckin’ open your eyes, fuckin’ open your eyes.” But if you like your music hard and fast and want to get up close and personal in the mosh pit, this band's the one for you.
Declaring it as “the best thing I’ve ever done,” Sanson and her band will be hosting a night in London's Club 100 on 7 December to mark the launch of their new EP "Move."

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