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There’s something quite terrifying about getting older. You hit 29 and suddenly that line between your eyebrows doesn't bounce back as quickly as it used to, shadows appear in places you don’t remember them being before, your pores start getting bigger… then you hit 30 and it just gets worse.


But there’s hope, there are creams, gels, serums and treatments which all claim to make a difference. In fact, there’s a £26 billion industry of creams and serums, which actually makes finding one that works a bit of a minefield.

I’m not that into the idea of peels and chemicals. I don’t have my nails manicured every two weeks. I’ve never had a pedicure. Or if I have, it wasn’t earth shattering enough for me to remember it. You could say I’m fairly skeptical about beauty treatments and their results, but when I was told about Skinbreeze’s new non-toxic facial treatment, I decided to give it a go (see earlier points about growing older).

The Premier Laser Clinic in Soho assures me that the treatment is non-abrasive, so I can pop in at lunch time and still be able to grab a glass of wine in the evening without looking like I’ve just returned from a trip to the Sahara desert.

Using light dermabrasion, LED light therapy, pure oxygen infusions and a healing puff-reducing mask, the clinicians at the Laser Clinic in Soho showed me why I’ve been doing beauty wrong my entire life. Oh my goodness, this feels like heaven. I never thought I would write that having someone buff my face with a phallic, vibrating object would lull me into a state of complete relaxation, but there you go, that's exactly what it did. When I express concern at said relaxation, I’m assured by the beauty therapist that this happens to most people.

The treatment lasts roughly an hour and leaves skin feeling completely rejuvenated. Upon first look in a mirror, all Skinbreeze seemed to have done was buff off whatever fake tan had remained on my face from the week before, but given a day or two, my skin looked clearer, plumper and less porous. 


Celeb Luisa Zissman is a fan!

I’ve always wondered what ‘natural’ beauties in the public eye do to stay looking young and clear-skinned. How can they travel, drink, stay up late and look so fresh without harsh treatments which mean they have to disappear from the public eye? I think I’ve found the answer: Skinbreeze. 

Treatment details:

SkinBreeze facial, 60 minutes, from £150.

The Premier Laser Clinic, Soho
Suite 7 
Egmont House 
116 Shaftesbury Avenue 
W1D 5EW 

Call: 020 36006 888

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