The Two Faces of Gaysia

Screen-Shot-2014-04-29-at-20.18.11An unfortunately large swathe of the gay population understands what it means to have two 'faces'.

Friend Zone - Not the End Zone

FriendzoneI want to break down the Friend Zone for you (and for myself actually. I’m projecting my need for a pep talk onto you. You’re welcome).

There are a million articles about the friend zone – the angst of the unrequited crush, strategies to get out of it, how it’s some kind of weird in-between place where selfish people put those with SOMUCHLOVETOGIVE. It feels unfair. It feels like some kind of existential punishment for being a kitten-kicker in a past life.

But we’re smart, decent people, right? We know we’re being a little unreasonable when we get all offended that someone doesn’t return our take-your-pants-off-now-please feelings. So let’s take a deep breath, and adjust our perspective.

Six Reasons Not To Date The Cool Girl

rihanna-party-girlWe all know that one girl who is just effortlessly cool. So cool, that her mere presence makes your ego shrink to the size of a pea...

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