Shall we have our last legal kiss?


Standing outside Heathrow airport, Terminal Four, at around 6.30.p.m. Having just said goodbye to my family, and having our final cigarette before boarding a nine hour flight. Feeling cautious and weary about who could be on the same flight as us, I Lent over to Isabelle my girlfriend and said; 'shall we have our last legal kiss?'... and so we had a cheeky snog hiding behind a bush from some Indian people who we thought may be on our flight. It sounds ridiculous and dramatised, but this had been playing on our minds for the past few month's. We were heading to New Delhi, India, a part of the world where being homosexual is illegal, and could potentially get you ten years imprisonment.

At first the idea seemed 'Dreamy'... 'Travelling the world with my girlfriend', until it hit me, that some of the places we were heading to were not exactly LGBT friendly. However I brushed it off my shoulders and said; 'Look! In the worst case scenario, hopefully it might be a bit like Orange Is The New Black'. However as the reality set in, and the jokes weren't funny anymore, it struck me how sad it really all is. Not because me and Isabelle couldn't be ourselves - Having lived In London together for two years, we wouldn't think twice about holding hands or kissing in public. Now we were scared to even share a kiss at Heathrow airport and we weren't even in India yet. Moreso It was that I felt quite guilty and selfish, having been so privileged to be born in a part of the world where things are getting better, and that I have the freedom to express my love for someone of the same sex. Yet there are so many places around the world that just can not do that yet, and India is somewhere that its still very apparent.

So this is where I am right now. Writing the opening party of my two year journey, currently on a sleeper train heading to Varanasi, India. Our plan is to travel most of India and Asia over the past five months, before heading to Australia to work. Its here that I will document the process of travelling, 'backpacking style', as a young lesbian couple, through parts of the world where its not always ok to be gay. Having just spent the most bizarre week in New Delhi, India, I want to share tips and tricks with fellow 'LGBT' travellers, that plan on heading to these parts of the world, from what I have learnt myself. Ill be posting monthly what you need to know, on here.


by Mollie Power.

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