Sperm Bank 'For Lesbians'

Daily Mail for lesbiansWho hasn't seen the headline from the Mail on Sunday? If you've missed the story it's sitting on the web here, ready for all to read and forward to your friends. Have a laugh at how ridiculous the paper is. We have a long way until April Fool's Day so we Brits do what we also do very well in taking the proverbial piss.

Twitter has run amock with #addforlesbianstoaheadline hashtag trending and #dailyfail added on for further ridicule of the national paper which said critics "called it a ‘dangerous social experiment’ that could result in hundreds of fatherless ‘designer families’."

All the NHS is doing is acting on the demands of the public. Lesbian couples do want babies. We are not alone and neither is this new sperm bank soley for us. The new national sperm bank, to be launched in October, is needed because of a UK-wide shortage in donors.

So what's really going to happen is: "The National Sperm Bank, to be based at Birmingham Women’s Hospital, with spokes across England, will be offering a modern, NHS based, fully-integrated donor recruitment, screening and banking center which could deliver for all donor sperm requirements across the UK". That's the official line from Birmingham Women's Hospital which will mean cheaper and safer treatment for anyone who wants it. All backgrounds and, yes, lesbians can go too.



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