Rainbow Teaching

Rainbow teachingThis has been a topic for some time now, with a lot of people complaining that children are not been taught how NOT to be homophobic.

The Rainbow Teaching website hopes to provide teachers with everything they need to challenge any sort of bullying or language that children might not understand.

Founded by teacher Allie George, the site is free and all teachers can adapt the lessons as they wish. George was quoted on Pink News today: “I know many teachers in schools today who would love to be better equipped to challenge bigoted language, or provide more diverse and inclusive lessons.

“As teachers, we are strapped for time to create our own resources, so Rainbow Teaching materials, which are free to use, will meet that need and provide diverse and inclusive teaching across the curriculum.”

We really hope that this helps schools tackle issues from the beginning and that no more ‘That’s so gay’ will be heard in playgrounds.


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