6 universities score full marks for gay-friendliness

bigstock group graduation of students l 136180791The Stonewall initiative to rate universities on how gay friendly they are for students has shown six to score full marks. It also shows a year on year growth in the sector that they are catering for more LGB students than ever before.

The universities found to be the most gay-friendly, scoring 10 out of 10, are Cardiff University, the University of Essex, the University of Glasgow, Liverpool John Moores University, Sheffield Hallam University and York St John University.

The Gay By Degree checklist has been compiled from information available on university and students’ union websites. On their official GayByDegree website they say "It’s important that when universities put provisions in place for lesbian, gay and bisexual students and staff, they talk about it too – and while not publishing this information online doesn’t mean a university isn’t gay friendly, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the good work going on to champion equality.


Check out your place of study from the 2015 list: http://www.gaybydegree.org.uk/

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