Emmys controversy of Sofia Vergara

sofia-vergara-singing-giThe internet has gone wild about the Emmys for lots of reasons: One being Modern Family star Sofia Vergara standing on a spinning platform as Television Arts and Sciences President Bruce Rosenblum made a speech while she became a feature and "something to look at".

Rosenblum, after being introduced by the actress, began his speech with: "Our Academy is more diverse than ever before, both in front of and behind the camera," and continued after Vergara accepted his invitation to stand on the podium as a spectacle. "What truly matters," he concluded, "is that we never forget that our success is based on always giving the viewers something compelling to look at."

Social media went wild, saying it was sexist and a spectacle. Vergara has since spoke out saying “I think it's absolutely the opposite. It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself. I think it’s ridiculous that somebody started this — I know who she was — who has no sense of humor [and should] lighten up a little bit.”

It is not clear exactly who she is referring to, but have a look and judge for yourselves how funny it was.


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