Discuss: How Much DNA Does It Take To Make A Baby?

Breeders-St-James-Angela-Griffin-Tamzin-Outhwaite-Nicholas-Burns-Jemima-RooperAs the One Stage season for emerging producers opened this week with Ben Ockrent’s Breeders, at St James Theatre, the producers of the stage production have organised a coinciding panel to discuss whether children should be raised by a mother and a father.

Discussing what constitutes a Twenty First Century family will be television presenter Dr Christian Jessen; Campaign Director of Fathers 4 Justice, Nadine O’Connor; Director of Square Peg Media and The Alternative Parenting Show, Chris Sherwood; Head of External Affairs at Relate, Chris Sherwood and TV star, Angela Griffin, who plays the part of Caroline in Breeders. 

Breeders is a comedy about a same-sex couple, Caroline (Angela Griffin) and Andrea (Tamzin Outhwaite) who want a baby that shares their DNA. They decided to seek the help of Andrea’s brother to help them become pregnant.

Directed by Tamara Harvey and featuring Tamzin Outhwaite, Angela Griffin, Jemima Rooperand Nicholas Burns, the play is inspired by Ockrent’s real-life experience and offers a new perspective on how and why we make babies.  The production, currently in previews, opens on 8 September and runs until 4 October. 

The debate is a free ticketed event for Breeders ticket-holders and must be booked in advance via 0844 264 2140


St. James Theatre

12 Palace St, London SW1E 5JA

Wed 3 September – Sat 4 October 2014

Press Night: Mon 8 September 2014, 7pm

Breeders Debate: Monday 15 September 6pm

Website: www.OneStageSeason.co.uk

Box Office: 0844 264 2140

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