Slovenia Legalises Gay Marriage

Lake BledSlovenia announced the legalisation of same-sex marriages this week and become one of the first Central European countries to achieve marriage equality.

On Tuesday the 3rd of March the Slovenian parliament voted in a large majority to approve same-sex marriage and adoption. This makes Slovenia one of the few European countries with full marriage equality.


Despite a protest outside the parliament buildings while the vote took place, Slovenia has become increasingly recognised as one of Europe’ s most LGBT-friendly locations, not least due to the establishing of special LGBT tours and the country’s annual Pink Week, an LGBT holiday experience. 



Matej & Mattej creators of Slovenia’s Pink Week, said: “We are absolutely delighted that Slovenia has joined other European countries that legalise same-sex marriage. It is yet more proof that this beautiful country is now one of Europe's top destinations for LGBT travellers."

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